Real Estate Professionals in Chicago, IL

The Bielski Law Office, LTD.

One of the most common complaints of real estate attorneys is that the buyer/seller does not talk to the attorney until the day of closing. Clients of Bielski Law Office talk to attorneys throughout the process, and an attorney will be at the closing. While staff members will assist with the closing process, clients understand that the attorneys are always available to explain the client’s rights and obligations, and to answer any questions. A real estate transaction is too important not to have competent and available legal counsel.

A common complaint realtors and lenders have is that they are left in the dark about the status of a file. A lot of time and effort goes into a real estate contract, and realtors and lenders are understandably frustrated if they are not advised of the progress of the closing. With the client’s approval, we are in constant communication with the realtors, lenders, and other professionals about the status of the file.

Bielski Law Office appreciates the referrals received from other real estate professionals, and understands that the services provided are a reflection on the referring party. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of our clients while working with the other real estate professionals towards finalizing the closing.


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